Welcome to the official website of the manufacturer Pope Shield.


Pope Shield designs and manufactures accessories for professional and amateur macro photographers.

Our products will help you achieve the best results in macro photography.

With the ideal tilt of the diffuser located at the end of the lens, you will achieve the most beautiful soft shadows on your macro object.

Pope Shield is ideally complemented by Pope Shield Roof which directs your flash directly at the shield and achieves even better results in macro photography.


About our products :


Pope Shield Opal Foam Composite – the package includes Pope Shield clearer foam shield. Is designed for less powerful flashes.

Pope Shield Foam Composite Pro – It is designed for powerful flashes (GN35 +) and has a foam layer for ideal light scattering from the flash.

Pope Shield Complete set – the package includes Pope Shield Opal Foam Composite and Pope Shield Foam Composite Pro.

Pope Shield Roof is a covering compatible with all Pope Shield models.  It directs the flash directly at the shield without unnecessary loss.